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About Us

Julie and Vincent (Ju-Vi)

We believe that the stories we carry with us are woven into the very fabric of our lives. Each Juvi creation is a testament to this belief, meticulously designed and thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the significance of your special moments.

Our inspirations hail from the farthest corners of the globe, a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty we’ve been fortunate to encounter. Yet, it’s here in Dublin that these inspirations find their true form. Every piece is meticulously brought to life, echoing the essence of these faraway places.

However, the real story unfolds the moment you don a piece of Juvi. It’s that sparkle, that glimmer of connection between you and our craft, that breathes life into our creations. Your story, illuminated by Juvi, is what gives our craft its true purpose and meaning.

This is why we say;
“Each piece is a story brought home"

Julie & Vincent


From the gentle lapping waves of the Phillipine shorelines, to the magical coca plantations of Mexico. The awe-inspiring twinkling windows of the tallest skyscrapers of Manhattan, right down to the majestic open skies over Ballinskelligs, Kerry (International Dark Sky reserve), there is wanderlust in our hearts and we put that into the pieces that we make.

Our Gemstones

In 30 years of Gemology and silversmithing, Vincent has built long lasting friendships with Gemcutters. When sourcing gemstones for Juvi pieces, we are led to India.

For centuries, the Pink City in India has been known as the epicenter of handcut gemstones. Over time, this has led to exceptional expertise, and the gemstone workers in this part of the world are known as leaders in their craft. This is why we always look to Jaipur when sourcing our hand cut gemstones.

The very nature of hand cut gemstones allows for an organic, unique look. With a hand cut stone, you know that there isn’t an exact stone like it in the world – which we believe makes the stones we use extra special.


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