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December Birthstone!

Turquoise is a mineral that has been coveted by humans for thousands of years! The Native American Apache tribes believed that it afforded archers a deadly accurate aim, some Middle Eastern cultures would inlay the interior of their most important buildings and monuments with it, and even Aztec rulers were known to wear it as a symbol of divinity and power.

This stunning, silky smooth gemstone is formed through a long, delicate process of mineral deposits building gradually within the veins of volcanic rocks. Some pieces will even contain flecks of other minerals such as pyrite, copper and limonite, giving each piece of turquoise a completely unique character!

A stone prized for increasing emotional strength, enhancing friendships and bringing peace to those of us with more sensitive souls, Turquoise is the perfect daily companion. It’s vibrant colour never fails to invoke a sense of joy and peace and December babies are sure to feel extra lucky knowing that Turquoise is their beautiful birthstone!