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July Birthstone!

Rubies (also known as the king of stones!) get their extraordinary colour from the element ‘Chromium’ and can range in hue from claret to bright, blood-red to a luxurious deep magenta and even purple! All natural rubies feature unique internal flaws, known by gemologists as ‘silk’ which helps to distinguish a true ruby from a man-made imitation. 

Ruby is the ideal stone for passionate, creative, energetic people and is said to be the best gem for boosting vitality and personal power. It’s also the birthstone of July, symbolising kindness, warmth and inner light which perfectly encapsulates all of the July babies we know and love!

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  • Aqua Chalcedony

    Glamour Puss Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Aqua Chalcedony 139.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Boho Round Stud

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 65.00
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  • Baja Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Aqua Chalcedony 125.00
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  • Ruby

    Baja Earring

    Gold Vermeil, Ruby 85.00
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  • Lago Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Labradorite 125.00
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  • Tulum Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 109.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Oyster Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 115.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Seadrop Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 89.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Coral Seadrop Earrings

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 89.00
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  • Iolite

    Manhattan Bracelet and Earring Set

    Sterling Silver, Iolite 120.00
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  • Tulum Earring

    Gold Vermeil, Labradorite 79.00
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  • Ruby

    Tulum Pendant and Earrings

    Gold Vermeil, Ruby 169.00
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