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We love how the olive green hues of August’s birthstone are reminiscent of sunlight filtering through the canopy of a tropical rainforest! This unique gem has a calming presence and is said to drive away nightmares, soothe fears and bring delight and good cheer to the wearer. Also promoting independence, growth and renewal, Peridot is an ideal stone for new beginnings or starting out on an exciting project. 

Peridot was revered by the Ancient Egyptians due to their belief that it was born from the explosion of a distant star. In modern times we have discovered that Peridot can in fact be found in some forms of meteorite – maybe this is why it has such otherworldly beauty! Here on Earth, it can also occur within volcanic lava, making it one of the most fascinating stones for Gemologists, Geologists and Meteorologists alike to study!

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