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Nothing can quite compare to the electric shimmer of Labradorite! Ranging in hues from stormy greys to warm, earthy greens and vivid neon blue, Labradorite is a hypnotic combination of thin layers of shimmering minerals (and just a splash of magic!). It is an excellent gemstone to keep close during times of change and transformation, whilst also stimulating the imagination, inspiring new ideas and helping to develop enthusiasm. 

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral along with its cousin Moonstone. Although deposits have been discovered in many locations worldwide (Norway, Madagascar, China to name a few) it was originally discovered in Labrador, Canada. It’s also Julie’s favourite gemstone and she can often be found sitting in the sun admiring the latest selection of labs to arrive from our talented stone cutters!

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  • Rose Quartz

    Around The World Bracelet

    Gold Vermeil, Rose Quartz 89.00
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  • Aqua Chalcedony

    Glamour Puss Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Aqua Chalcedony 139.00
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  • Boho Round Stud

    Gold Vermeil, Rose Quartz 65.00
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  • Baja Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Aqua Chalcedony 125.00
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  • Maya Necklace

    Sterling Silver, Iolite 149.00
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  • Labradorite and Rose Quartz

    Maya Necklace

    Gold Vermeil, Labradorite 159.00
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  • Ruby

    Baja Earring

    Gold Vermeil, Ruby 85.00
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  • JUVR1gTT

    Lago Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Turquoise 125.00
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  • Tulum Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 109.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Oyster Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 115.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Seadrop Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 89.00
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  • Tiny Gemstone Studs

    Gold Vermeil, Amethyst 39.00
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