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Green Onyx

Gorgeous Green Onyx is a deep and vibrant gemstone that never fails to catch the eye or garner compliments.

Closely connected to the Heart Chakra, Green onyx is believed to bring feelings of strength and self-confidence, guiding you as you making important decisions.

Associated to the planet Mercury, Green Onyx represents intelligence, memory and the ability to speak directly from the heart.

It is said that by just holding this powerful stone and feeling its smoothness, can soothe stress as it exudes its positivity.

A natural gemstone choice for those experiencing times of grief, heartbreak or bereavement, Green Onyx brings the wearer a feeling of peace and renewal.

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  • Rose Quartz

    Around The World Bracelet

    Gold Vermeil, Rose Quartz 89.00
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  • Aqua Chalcedony

    Glamour Puss Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Aqua Chalcedony 139.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Boho Round Stud

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 65.00
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  • Baja Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Aqua Chalcedony 125.00
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  • Ruby

    Baja Earring

    Gold Vermeil, Ruby 85.00
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  • Lago Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Labradorite 125.00
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  • Tulum Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 109.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Oyster Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 115.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Seadrop Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 89.00
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  • Tiny Gemstone Studs

    Gold Vermeil, Amethyst 39.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Coral Seadrop Earrings

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 89.00
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  • Iolite

    Manhattan Bracelet and Earring Set

    Sterling Silver, Iolite 120.00
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