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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz (also known as Crystal Quartz) was originally regarded as the ultimate diamond substitute! Sparkling, glacial, and pure, this charming gemstone will bring a little twinkle to even the cloudiest days. It’s an incredibly versatile stone for all kinds of healing, and it especially helps to focus the mind, improve concentration and expand mental abilities, earning it the apt nickname “stone of the mind”.

Throughout the ages, clear quartz has been prized for its translucent beauty. In Australian Aboriginal mythology Quartz was the substance which granted shamans and elders  their mystical powers. The ancient Japanese wrote that the gem was formed in the breath of white dragons and viewed it as a symbol of perfection. Closer to home, the ancient Irish word for quartz is “Grian Cloch”, or “Stone of the Sun”. It certainly brings us the same joy as a glorious sunny day!

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