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Aqua Marine

For soothing racing thoughts, calming the heart and relieving stress, look no further than the peaceful, glacial blue gemstone; Aquamarine. Thought to calm the oceans and keep sailors safe during storms, the name Aquamarine comes from the Latin for seawater. This highly prized gemstone is a form of the mineral beryl (along with its dark green cousin, Emerald) and is similarly prized for its exceptional beauty.

Rich deposits of Aquamarine can be found high in the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan where it grows in dazzling six-sided crystal pillars. The unique level of transparency of this gemstone results in exceptional levels of sparkle and brilliance and pairs beautifully with warm, polished 14ct gold!

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  • Iolite

    Manhattan Bracelet and Earring Set

    Sterling Silver, Iolite 120.00
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