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Made For You

Crafted to last a lifetime

Every single Juvi piece has been expertly crafted with care and made with forever in mind. We use Earth-kind recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones in all of our pieces.



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  • Manhattan Bar Ring

    Manhattan Bar Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Amethyst 109.00
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  • Black Spinel

    Open Skies Star Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Black Spinel 85.00
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  • Manhattan Stacking Ring

    Manhattan Stacking Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Labradorite 69.00
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  • Garnet

    Manhattan Bar Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Garnet 119.00
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  • Green Onyx

    Oyster Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 115.00
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    Icon Hexagon Studs

    Gold Vermeil 45.00
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  • For Always Heart Bracelet

    For Always Heart Bracelet

    Gold Vermeil 75.00
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  • 14kt Gold & Diamond

    9kt Gold and Diamond Solitaire Ring

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    Tulum Pendant

    Gold Vermeil, Green Onyx 109.00
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    Relic Drop Hoops

    Gold Vermeil 89.00
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  • 14kt Gold & Diamond Huggies

    9kt Gold & Diamond Love Is Eternal Huggies

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    Open Skies Star Ring

    Gold Vermeil, Cubic Zirconia (CZ) 85.00
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A gift to last a lifetime

Choose a gift with meaning, beauty and the power to inspire joy everytime its worn

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