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Made For You

Every single Juvi piece has been crafted with care and made just for you with forever in mind. Find your special piece


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  • white

    Mabel Pendant

    Sterling Silver 89.00
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  • white

    Lily Pendant

    Sterling Silver 139.00
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  • white

    Tess Necklace

    Sterling Silver 169.00
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  • white

    Tess Bracelet

    Sterling Silver 109.00
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  • White

    Mabel Earrings

    Sterling Silver 79.00
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    Faye Earrings

    Sterling Silver 69.00
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  • Rose Quartz

    Around The World Bracelet

    Gold Vermeil, Rose Quartz 89.00
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  • White

    Sterling Silver Long Double Pearl Sweep Pendant

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  • Turquoise

    Turquoise Large Oval Necklace with Side Piece

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  • white

    Maree Pendant

    Sterling Silver 89.00
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  • Vivien Bracelet

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  • Red Coral

    Sea Bamboo Graduating Bracelet

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The gift of choice

A piece of jewellery is such a special gift. If you are not sure what to choose, gift them a beautifully wrapped Gift Voucher

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