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Introducing Icon

Throughout history, our most important milestones, events and memories have been held precious and marked by symbols. The Icon Collection captures these moments with a delicate touch, featuring fine line style pieces designed for layering or wearing solo as an understated look.


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    Icon Hexagon Necklace

    Gold Vermeil 75.00
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  • Icon 9ct Spike Studs

    Icon 9ct Spike Studs

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    Icon Cube Studs

    Gold Vermeil 45.00
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    Icon Faceted Hoop

    Gold Vermeil 99.00
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    Icon Spike Huggies

    Gold Vermeil 69.00
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  • Icon 9ct Cube Necklace

    Icon 9ct Cube Necklace

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  • Icon 9ct Bar Necklace

    Icon 9ct Bar Necklace

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  • Icon 9ct Hexagon Ring

    Icon 9ct Hexagon Ring

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    Icon Hexagon Ring

    Gold Vermeil 55.00
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  • Icon 9ct Bar Huggies

    Icon 9ct Bar Huggies

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  • Icon 9ct & Diamond with Pod Charm Necklace

    Icon 9ct & Diamond with Pod Charm Necklace

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    Icon Faceted Band Ring

    Gold Vermeil 59.00
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Gift wrapped to perfection

Each Juvi piece is gift wrapped in our new Earth-kind biodegradable packaging.