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  • Boho Drop Earring

    Boho Drop Earring

Aqua Chalcedony is March's birthstone. Known as the ‘Speaker’s Stone’, Aqua Chalcedony keeps the wearer attuned toward the emotions of those around them and helps them to measure their words in a clear, level-headed manner when faced with conflict or aggression. Widely regarded as a nurturing stone, this pretty gemstone also helps to promote feelings of brotherhood and goodwill by absorbing negative energies between people. On a physical level, its uniquely calming characteristics are said to aid restless sleepers and protect them from night terrors, sleep paralysis and sleep walking. Given all the amazing properties of this gemstone in tandem with how beautifully it compliments Irish skin tones, it’s not hard to see why Aqua Chalcedony is also Juvi’s best-selling gemstone!

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