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Our Story

Here at Juvi, we believe that every piece of jewellery holds a magical meaning.

Something that means the world for you, marking a special moment, capturing a memory, signifying something to be treasured.

Because these moments mean so much to you, we create our collections with forever in mind.

It gives us heart to know that you can always look on your special ring, pendant or earrings with love, fondness and a smile.

We always say that each piece is a story brought home, sparked by inspiration from the most exotic places on this beautiful Earth, however the real story begins the moment you wear your piece of Juvi and it sparkles for the first time – that’s the moment our craft becomes your story.


We are inspired by travel, the feeling of adventure and the beauty in nature.
All of our collections have been inspired by a corner of the world that holds a special place in our hearts.

Travel is as important to us as the air we breathe.

From the gentle lapping waves of the Philippine shorelines, to the magical cocoa plantations of Mexico, the awe-inspiring twinkling windows of the tallest skyscrapers of Manhattan – right down to the majestic open skies over Ballinskelligs, right here on the Emerald Isle, there is wonder around every corner and we love to put that feeling into the pieces we make.

Our process

We are so protective of every step of our creative process, from sketching designs, to crafting pieces in our workshop.

When we travel to source materials and gemstones we work with people on the ground and forge relationships around the world with craftspeople who have decades of experience with local gemstones.

We travel to India an delve into the world of natural beauty as we watch our chosen stones go through the steps of cutting, faceting and polishing.

So much care is put into this process, as these stones will take centre stage in the jewellery we design when we arrive home to our studio in Dublin.


Like you, the footprint we cast
means a lot to us,
so we thread gently, using recyclable
materials like gold and silver.

All sterling silver and gold that we use is recycled from jewellery, giftware and electronic industries.

Using recycled materials means our impact on the earth is lessened and we are working to your expectations of being as ethical as possible.

In the plating process we use the finest German plating machinery and solutions at our dedicated plating room at our workshop, allowing us to be in full control of the quality of our plating. We gold plate our Sterling Silver jewellery to 3 microns.

Our gemstones

When it comes to sourcing gemstones, our compass always points to India.

For centuries, the Pink City in India has been known as the epicentre for hand cut gemstones.

This has led to exceptional expertise over time and the gemstone workers in this part of India are known as the world leaders in their craft.

This is why we always look to Jaipur when sourcing our hand cut gemstones. The very nature of hand cut gemstones allows for an organic, unique look. With a hand cut stone, you know that there isn’t an exact stone like it in the world – which we believe makes the stones we use extra special.

Design matters

Travel is always the starting point for our creative process.

We travel the world
searching for beautiful,
ethically sourced gemstones
and the return flight
is always spent chatting and sketching.

When we return to our studio, we work together to bring those sketches made at 35,000 feet to life, experimenting with finishes, different gemstones and feeling out the story we want the collection to tell. We are so lucky that our studio is nestled at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains.

So, although our work is predominantly inspired by the beauty of the most exotic places in the world, it’s only when we return home to our cosy workshop in Dublin, that we turn inspiration to reality.


There is something so lovely about opening a beautifully wrapped gift, even if it’s a gift to yourself (which you totally deserve).

We want you or your loved one to feel that “wow moment” when opening a new Juvi jewellery bag or box.

When it comes to packaging, we are very conscious of your environmental concerns – they are our concerns too, so we are working hard to make as many elements of our packaging recyclable as possible.

We are not quite there yet, but we are well on our way and over the next while, things will only get even more eco-friendly, check out our promise for 2021 to find out more.

If you are a real Juvi fan and don’t require additional jewellery boxes, bags or booklets with your order, we are happy to send you a low-impact environmentally friendly envelope when delivering your online order. Simply let us know at the checkout.

Care & Repair

Life happens, we get that - and so do accidents.

If you accidentally snag or damage your jewellery, don't worry - our expert team are on hand to help bring it back to life.

Connect with our workshop

Meet Our Team


Having studied interior design in New York, our MD and Lead Designer Julie creates the most beautiful pieces, inspired by her favourite places in the world. With a keen eye for detail, Julie's main goal is to create pieces that make you feel loved. When she is not busy sketching or putting finishing touches on our beautiful jewellery, you can find Julie walking her dogs Maisie & Luna on her favourite trail at Killiney Hill.


With over 30 years of expertise as a silversmith and gemologist, Vincent is an expert in his field. Having travelled extensively, he has developed friendships with our gemstone cutters and is always looking to find the most sustainable way to create beautiful pieces. Vincent is an avid scuba diver and loves nothing more than diving into the ocean to explore. He's also known for keeping the team furnished with the best beers & coffee.



Our Wholesale Manager Orla is always a busy lady as she helps make sure our pieces are stocked by lovely Irish jewellers nationwide. A mum to 2 gorgeous boys and an honorary mum to our silversmith Gilbert, Orla keeps us all in check and our office full of fun. In normal times, you can find her strolling through galleries and museums in Dublin with her boys, visiting exhibitions and discovering new art is her favourite pass time.



Feebee is our Marketing Manager, graphic designer and general tea aficionado. She takes care of our social media and loves chatting to customers. With an honours degree in Humanities, Feebee is always writing. When she is not in the office, you will find her in her allotment with her Whippet Sika, growing veggies or homebrewing beer and elderflower champagne. Feebee is also a milliner with a penchant for feathers.


As our lead Silversmith, Gil oversees all of the beautiful pieces that leave our workshop. Having received his Degree in Jewellery design and Silversmithing with specialism in CAD design from Birmingham School of Jewellery. He has been playing cello since the age of 3, is a skilled blacksmith. He is obsessed with Lord Of The Rings and can usually be heard singing musical theatre tunes.


Nothing leaves our workshop without passing through Niamh's hands. As our Production Associate, she takes care of every order, making sure it's sent with care. Niamh is known around the Juvi office as the "Dog Whisperer", she is usually surrounded by our lovely Maisie & Luna and their cousin Riley. She is still not happy that she didn't get to see the Pet Shop Boys (twice!) last year due to Covid19.



You can always find Sophie busy and buzzing about the Jewellery Hall in Arnotts. Sophie manages our Juvi counter and our sister store DA:YT watches.



Michaela manages our beautiful new store in the prestigious Brown Thomas, Cork. Michaela loves to travel, her favorite place in the world <br /> Glengarriff in West Cork. Her happy place is by the sea - regardless of the sun or rain! “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau



At Juvi, we all agree that Nur has the cheeriest smile in the world. You will find her at our Juvi counter in Arnotts, taking care of customers with her wealth of knowledge on our precious pieces. Nur is an amazing mum to 3 beautiful children and rumour has it, is a culinary Queen - we are still trying to convince her to feed us at the Juvi post-covid party!

Our Promise

We are constantly working on progressing our collections, our impact and our contribution towards helping improve our environment.  We are not there yet, but are making big strides to lower our carbon footprint and be more earth-kind in everything we do.

Right now, our tissue, postal boxes and mailer bags are 100% recyclable and are made from recycled materials.

Our new, recycleable gift boxes and giftbags are due to launch in March 2021.  We have worked hard to ensure that we maintain that “wow” moment when you open your Juvi gift, while keeping our promise to the Earth.

We are well on our way to achieving our goal of having
a complete earth-kind packaging solution by the end of 2021.

In the meantime, we hope that you keep your gift-boxes to keep your pieces of Juvi looking brand new when you aren’t wearing them – they are also perfect for keep-sakes, love notes and other special memories.

Find out how you can treat your Juvi with TLC

We value your feedback, so if you feel there are ways that we can improve, we would love to hear from you at